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I'd treat it as a vehicle, with man 1 (or more, perhaps price-dependent), speed 1. But the skill to operate it would be coordination, not piloting.


And I think it's a great idea - reminds me of our Shadowrun games, when a PC was a mage with superfast line-in skates (and other King Julian-like behaviours) 

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I think the term you are looking for is "skimboard," which first appeared in Galaxy of Fear #1: Eaten Alive (I read a bunch of those when they first came out and the concept always stuck with me).


Personally, I'd make it a piece of equipment rather than a vehicle due to it's size and speed (without mods, of course), but you could easily make it a vehicle.




Cost/Rarity: 2500 credits/4

Encumbrance: 3 (while not active)

Description: a small board, usually about one meter in length, with a collection of small repulsors and microengines to provide lift and momentum. When in use, the rider(s) usually hover up to a maximum of one meter and control the board with small foot controls on the back of the board.

Effects/Mechanics: When used, a character gains the "Swift" talent and, in a chase with opposition on foot, gains a free <AD> to all chase checks (in addition to the <B> given by its handling score).Coordination rolls are used in lieu of Piloting or Athletics checks.


Special: With certain modifications, a Skimboard can be considered a vehicle. These modifications are "questionable" at best. If the Skimboard is classified as a vehicle, treat it as follows:


Speed 0* | Manuever +1 | Hull 4** | System Strain 6 | Armor 1** 

Hard Points: 4 | Encumbrance 10***


*: The Skimboard, in stock configuration, is not much faster than a normal sentient and would crawl in comparison to a speeder. This can, of course, be argued, but this is the Star Wars equivalent of a skateboard.

**: As the Skimboard isn't a vehicle and is on the personal scale, personal scale weapons deal damage normally (i.e. Hull and Armor are on a one-for-one basis instead of the normal vehicle conversion).

***:This is arguable.The source material had, at one point, two children, a fully grown (and unconscious) Shi'do, and a protocol droid. Granted, this was a modified board, but it should be able to at least carry a full grown sentient and their equipment.



I'll refrain from statting these exactly, but some modifications include:

--Speed Increase (max of 2-3; they are supposed to rival speeder bikes at their best)

--Maneuverability (Max +2 or +3)

--Reinforced (Higher Hull/Armor, lower maneuver/strain?)

--Higher Lift (increase hover height)

--Increased Load (Raise Encumbrance)



I hope that helps! feel free to change it for your own campaign!

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