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Question about (Event) Crises cards and discards

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I have been testing the game for teaching my gaminggroup how to play in the near futur

while doing this, I found that when you can choose what to with some crisesses


for instance 

food Shortage

President Chooses * -2 food

                               * -1 food. the president discards 2 skill cards, then the current player discards 3 skill cards


can you chose this option if the current player only has 2 skill cards?

and what if the current player is a revealed Cylon and choses this card knowing that he only has 1 card so he cant chose to discard?


I couldn't find it in the rules or in the FAQ or some of the other forum threads (disclamer, I didn't check all of the threads) but it is possible i overlooked it


thank you 

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my appoligies, 

after reading for a hour I found it at card clarifications at the end of the rules

it says that you can always choose even if you don't have enough cards to discard 


this makes the game a bit easier :)

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Reminder: If its "Something" to do "Effect", you have to have the Something.   "Discard/risk a Raptor to"   you have to have a Raptor, Roslyn "Discard two cards to activate a ship location" must have cards.  (note actually wording, but you get the idea!) 

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i understand that part

like other coöp games from other companies have it

shadows over camelot has 1 player can sacrefice .... or all others have to ....

but i couldn't find it with discard cards or -2 .....


other stuff like risk or destroy to do this" ofcourse because there is a choice to gain stuff

this was choice to do the lesser evil

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