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Money going to IA

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Miniature gaming is not expensive? Lol spoken like someone who has no concept of miniature gaming.

My buddy carries an extra rider on his home owners policy to cover his "inexpensive" miniatures. He had to increase that rider from $50 coverage to $80K. I'm not in the same league but I just paid over a grand in painting fees that did include the cost of the miniatures. My previous project was another $1500 in painting fees again not including the cost of the miniatures. Then there are the pro painted armies sitting in storage for games I haven't even played in the last 5 years.

No, miniature gaming is not expensive at all. Lol


Or maybe he has no concept of money. :)

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Well I don't know about many of you but I will be spending far less on X Wing as my funds get diverted to Imperial Assault.

**** FFG but I only have so much fun money. I also made the decision not to support Armada for the same financial reasons. If I did, X Wing would suffer.

Anyone else feeling the same?

Feel pretty much exactly the same. 

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