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Nemesises, Nemeseses, Nemeses?

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Ignoring my horrendous ability to spell in low gothic, I have a group of new players in DH2 and I'm trying to develop a nemesis (faction or individual) to my group. I'm currently running an adapted version of the Into Darkness intro campaign (The one with the Logicians) from last edition. My party consists of two techpriests: one a gun-mech with a a fear of rain and mysterious missing parents, as well as a Medic with a giant axe and a hatred of Chaos Spehs Mahreens. The other two are shrine-worlders: a giant tank Arbites with no gun, and a psyker with insanely high strength. The first session is done and they've been making quite a racket, so now I'm creating an assassin with a sniper and lathe knives. None-the-less I would like the input of some of the experienced GM's

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