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Memory Lane: How you came by the game and/or favourite Talisman experience.

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My first introduction to Talisman was a sad experience.

The game was so fun in it's own way that despite the circumstances I found a likeness for it that seemed to seed and only really blossom a few months ago, when I grabbed a digital edition on Steam.

-Now I've ordered all the expansions off EBay in one large lot and gathered a group of six to play it all day in two weeks.

I had a friend who was a very pro Magic: The Gathering player, he did very well in tournaments. The guy was a good guy, but had a real.... ehhhhh.... not such a great personality, sometimes. His competitive ability that helped him succeed in life and gaming was also a clubfoot to many things a' social. On his birthday a few years ago, I went to his place to game with him and his friends.

This is the first time I played Talisman. It was a 3rd edition or maybe 2nd Edition or possibly even the original 4th edition and I believe I had a Troll for my first character. Honestly I don't remember. that well.

I spent the majority of the game figuring out how to play on my own.  (How do I get a Talisman? How do I get to the inner Region?) Everyone else knew how to play, so they explained it to me but not really any strategy, the make up of the decks, etc. Still, I enjoyed the dynamic of the game. How the board as set up, how movement worked, how random the adventure deck was, how unless you made huge streaks of mistakes, or other players at the table messed with you, you character seemed to progress and get more powerful, slowly leading you on a path to victory. (Or quickly if you knew what you were doing) It left a pleasant resonance with me that I never seemed to forget, despite having never seen the game again for years.

I have been a tabletop gamer for YEARS primarily Battletech, but I will say this game really stood out for me. Unfortunately I was at a point in my life where I had stopped going to gaming conventions, where at one point I would go every three-day weekend. (No idea how I missed Talisman all those years, all those cons...)

Eventually the game lead up to my friend getting very close to the crown. His girlfriend used some kind of spell on him and killed him, as she was a competitive player too. But not as competitive as he was. It literally ruined his birthday. We were supposed to take him out for Sushi t his favorite restaurant. Instead he re-rolled to the Enchantress, spell cycled himself back towards the crown and ....died again. The whole time the rest of the players at the table were afraid to really intervene with him as it was...well, his birthday. I myself went outside and smoked a lot of cigarettes that night, as I watched my poor friend not only tailspin his birthday, but his relationship with a girlfriend he very much wanted and was lucky to have.

When we finished the game he was so angry he offered me the copy. I should have said yes as I would have introduced it to another group of friends and we would have played it regularly. But he was angry so I declined.

 few months later he los his gal and was a bit of a mess so I took him out for drinks and sushi and politely explained his birthday to him, so the mistakes would not be repeated when the next gal came his way. He's a good guy and good friend, and we all make mistakes.

I never got around to playing Talisman again until about a month ago, when I saw it on Steam. I bought it right away and was and have been amused with it quite a bit. I wish the multi-player worked better and it's supposedly being fixed in a patch. I bought copies of the game for a lot of my friends and we all enjoyed it enough that despite being unable to finish -any- multiplayer game in the DE"s current state, we are all getting together to play a hard copy of the game with all the expansions.

It's much more fun this way, despite none of us really having played a hard copy expect myself, much less the expansions.....

We like the idea of the huge board, huge amount of expansion content, drinking and being social with one another from a Saturday afternoon to a late Saturday night. The randomness of this game I believe will have a high level of amusement among my peers as well as the kind of storytelling that goes turn by turn.

I'm looking forward to it.

Being as I know the other players so well, we will actually pick characters the first time around. I believe I can actually pick, which characters my other five friends will choose, out of the -56- to choose from.

Calling it now:

Rob: Always plays a Bard in DND or any other game where he can, will choose the Minstrel.

Damien: Always plays a Spellcaster in any game he can, will grab the Wizard.

Victor: Always likes to go for the stealth kill, plays a lot of Call of Duty...Assassin

Tim: Retired Navy Vet and will ask "Which is the easiest character to play? -We'll hand him the Troll.

Ryan: Will take one character randomly out of the entire deck and roll with it. He never plays the same thing twice.

Myself: Dragon Priestess..I like big boobs.

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My first introduction to Talisman was when I went off to university in the Year of Our Lord 1998. I found a gaming club with an old copy of Talisman (second edition) and most of the expansions that went with it.

I remember the first club meeting I went to, a game of Talisman was already under weigh... and had been for two or three days straight, I was told. Talisman was the game that never ended with them. People would rotate in and out as class schedules and sleep required, but there were always a few people there. I served my tour of duty that day, and have loved the game ever since.

For some reason, I never got around to buying my own copy until 4th edition came along - probably because that old 2nd edition copy was readily available for years, and it held up well despite extensive use. I bought the Black Industries printing shortly before GW handed the game over to FFG, so then I bought the conversion kit and went on from there. I have to say, FFG has not disappointed me with their rendition of the game.

I really feel lucky to have found that gaming club. They introduced me to a lot of classic games I might have otherwise missed. A lot of which have since been reprinted by FFG. Hmm... Talisman, Arkham Horror, Fury of Dracula, Dune (a.k.a. Rex,) DungeonQuest... the list goes on.

And they introduced me to the classic editions of those games, which gives me a certain amount of perspective on the newer editions FFG is making, and I appreciate that. By and large I think FFG has done a fantastic job of recreating these classic games, but the few points I disagree on are easy enough to make house rules to retrofit the older game using FFG's shiny new components. In the end, I get what I consider to be the best of both worlds. =)

All I really need now is for someone to reprint Minion Hunter. =)

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Myself: Dragon Priestess..I like big boobs.

This is the kind of honesty you don't see much of these days. I can appreciate that. =P

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Relative noob here. I bought the Revised 4th Edition a couple Christmases ago (Blood Moon was the first post-purchase expansion release) for my young son, whose love of 'Skyrim' convinced me that a fantasy board game was in order. In fact, I recall the clerk at the game store sort of wrinkling his nose at my questions about it, saying, "oh yes, it's definitely good for children"... as though it was beneath him and his peers.


My son loved it, and I loved it too! In this small space of time, we've bought every expansion, and I've been painting the miniatures like mad.


Rock on, FFG!

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I saw this topic a few days ago whenI was scrolling through old topics and I am surprised there are not many responses..... So I thought on the wake of Christmas and so many people with Talisman or an expansion on their lists, I would revive the thread and wish everyone a Merry Christmas(or just a great 25th day of December if you do not celebrate Christmas).

Expanding on my profile of how I came about playing the great game of Talisman I would like to add how we were separated from Talisman.

In 2003 our "friend" saw how much Talisman was selling for on E-Bay....This was in the wake of the 3rd edition being released but none of the expansions. He was having some financial troubles so he took it upon himself to sell it without telling us. We went to play it one night and we thought it was at his house. He played coy and said he couldn't find it so we ended up playing something else. Upon some investigation we discovered the truth and He explained it was actually his game since we were storing it at his house. A lot of arguments occurred but ultimately, there was not much we could do....stoning apparently is not legal.

I began scouring Ebay for copies of the game and discovered getting this whole collection was going to be too costly. Fast forward 3 years, I was at a yard sale and found a shrink-wrapped Dragon's tower for $10. I bought that, listed it on ebay and with the money bought the entire 3rd edtion collection again. I was also able to find the White Dwarf Characters as well and I already had the miniatures(I have a lot of Mini's) so we are again able to play the game in it's completion! We don't play it as much as we used to since we don't get together as much but when we do, it brings back the good ol' days!

When I saw that black industries was launching 4th edition, I knew I had to have it. Through various things happening in my life I never obtained it, and when I went to buy it, it had been discontinued. Poop. Then I saw it was being launched again by Fantasy Flight Games but with Miniatures! HAHA, thank god I had not bought the BI edition! I preordered a copy and ever since have bought each expansion as they are released. Our group really enjoys this edition, but we do miss the dragon's tower from 3rd edtion. Something about a big painted dragon looming over the table makes the trek ever more ominous! :-)

Now I would like to add, that a housefire this past summer has me without a copy of 3rd edition so I am back to acquiring another copy but it appears as this may be my legacy. Lol Luck would have it 4th edition was at my in-laws house so out of all my gaming stuff Talisman 4th edition and a few other games survived. Luckily the whole family including the pets were at our in-laws so we are moving on stronger and a little weathered! Well except the cat Gigi, she was prowling around outside the smoldering ruins apparently unscathed and as annoying as ever. :-) We feel She must have gone Kung-Fu on a screen since a few of the windows were open!

So, Merry Christmas everyone!

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