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Lynnwood, WA -- Fall X-Wing League at Around the Table

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Hello North-End X-wingers!
Around the Table Gamer Pub is starting up its Fall X-Wing Miniature's League this coming Thursday, October 9th. 
Entry is free; just come and play!
This is a 6-week casual league that has participants competing for the top place among their peers by accumulating League Points. League points can be earned by winning or losing matches, completing achievements, taking part in the weekly challenge or even just attending. At the end of the six weeks we'll be giving out a number of prizes and promos to the top 16, which will probably include all players.
So drop by, have fun, drink a beer and shoot some Rebel/Imperial Scum. 


THURSDAYS after 6pm at Around the Table Gamer Pub, located in Lynnwood, Washington just north of Seattle.

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Ok I hop eyou guys have a real great time.


Let me just tell you why I am replying. I saw the topic and I was like "Omg register! so I can join this! Omg! It's in Lynnwood, WA! OMG!".


So I do register so I can post a reply. I log in. Go this topic. Then I and read it properly. Lynnwood in Washinton, ahhhhhhhh mannnn! I thought you meant Lynwood in WA as is Western Australia :(.

I was so excited and then my balloon popped :(

Have fun, I might have to make up my own league.

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