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How cool is the Cautious Smuggler?

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Cautious doesn't always equate to being able to keep calm under pressure.  It just means not willing to take any big risks or generally preferring to stick with the "sure thing" instead of risky gambles.


I worked with a guy some years ago who was very cautious but as much of a neurotic mess as it's possible to be without being committed for observation.

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While I agree, I just wanted to call attention to the fact that Cool is listed as this adversary's skill but it doesn't give a value for its ranks. The Cautious Smuggler is not a Minion, so it cannot be a group-only skill.

Ah.  Wasn't able to check my book when I posted, so was unaware that the stat block listed the Cool skill in the first place.


Honestly, I'd say two ranks should be sufficient, since that's what most of his other skills are listed at.

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