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shrine of warpflame ?

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There is no "on the way out" in this game, and each effect is triggered after the previous one resolves completely. So the Reaction on the Shrine would be triggered after the effect destroying the unit has completely resolved -- including putting the unit, and the event that destroyed it in your scenario, in their respective discard piles.

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Yes this will allow you to bring back the event card. 


The event card must be fully resolved as per the RRG and is then placed in the discard pile. After this occurs the unit would be destroyed and then reactions to it's destruction can occur. 


RRG page 7

Event Cards


When a player plays an event card, its cost is paid,

its ability is resolved, and the card is then placed in

that player’s discard pile.


Email reply from game designer to playtesters:


Placing the event on the discard pile marks the completion of the event’s resolution. This should happen before any Reactions to that resolution can occur. - Nate French

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