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Blood Pact

Ideas for loading out a Light Cruiser?

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Oh, just because I felt like seeing how broken it could get, or maybe I just felt like breaking something...


To get the fullest effect, just scroll to the bottom.


Universe-class Mass Conveyor

Keel: 12.0 km  Beam:  1.3 km  Height: 4.0 km

Speed: 2 Maneuverability: -20

Detection: +5 Hull Integrity: 65

Armor: 12 Turret Rating: 1

Power: 88/88 Space: 93/94

SP: 45 + 25 = 70

Weapon Capacity: Dorsal 1, Port 1, Starboard 1


Component                      Power              Space          SP        Notes

Cypra 1 Drives                 (40)                    10               2         +15 to Silent Running; -15 to be detected

Albanov 1 Warp Engines   10                      11             -1         base travel time x 2; +20 bonus vs. Warp Encounters; +10                                                                                                                       Navigation bonus to exit the Warp

PC Single Void Shield        5                        2              -1

Geller Field                        1                        0
PC Commerce Bridge         1                        2               -1         +50 AP Trade

PC M-1.r Life Sustainer     3                         2              -1          morale loss -2

PC Bilge-rat Quarters         1                        3               -1         morale -3; crew loss -2 to depressurization (min. 0)

W-240 Passive Augurs      3                         0                1         can perform Detection actions while in Silent Running

4 x Main Cargo Hold         8                         *                *        +500 AP Trade

6 x PC Auxiliary Plasma Banks (48)           36               0        volatile

Empyrean Mantle                3                        0                2        Silent Running is 2 degrees more difficult to detect; +50 AP                                                                                                                      Criminal

20 x Luxury Passenger Suites 40                  20               20       +2000 AP Creed, Criminal, Trade

1 x GC Luxury Passenger Suites 1                 1                 2       +100 AP Creed, Criminal, Trade

3 x Macrocannon Batteries    12                    6                 3


Achievement Point Bonuses:

Trade: 2650

Creed: 2100

Criminal: 2150

And that's using the Warrant Path to maximize SP, and getting the 1 archaeotech component.
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Miloslav + Runecaster + Starcharts = Overdose of Speed ?


what else boosts speed ?


Does Miloslav stack with a runecaster? My ST ruled that only the Markov does, but it does not work for a cruiser.


A Miloslav actually makes for safer journies, due to reducing travel time more than it increases event frequency, though I've seen it houseruled that events happen every 2 days, not every 3. There is also a machine spirit oddity that could reduce flight time, but it is risky.


To me, the merchant Markov drive is probably the sweetest, if somewhat unreliable, warp travel booster. Post-errata it reduces travel time by 1d10 days per week... now with charts, maybe a runecaster and a bit of luck this can be insane.


Back to the original light cruiser - personally, i'm not fond enough of escort bays. An all-out macrocannon or prow lance +macrocannon combo seems pretty ok to me. I'm a fan of a sunhammer battery + sunsear batteries for a tough, mobile ship with good detection and the ability to "reach out and touch someone" both pretty hard and from far away

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We've had long discussions concerning the Miloslav in other threads.  Yes, it's a no-brainer component.  Many people don't like it.  In my last campaign I took away it's warp speed bonus and the party still used it whenever possible just for the extra energy savings.

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It strikes me as good but quite bulky. Decent on some traders and frigates, though, where you have enough space and want the extra speed and maneuverability.

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