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Which Chapter Packs are essential for a noob playing Lannister?

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So myself and two friends wanted to finally get into GoT and decided the cheapest way would be to each buy a core set, pick two factions, purchase deluxe expansions for chosen factions, take your factions cards and give all the remaining cards to the other players respective factions.  So I have 3 core sets worth of Lannister and Baratheon cards, along their respective deluxe expansions.


From here on out, we are all splitting the cost of each chapter pack between us three ways, but being so new to this game, and how many chapter packs there are, I have zero clue as to which ones contain the "staple cards" that pretty much all of, or the majority of, Lannister and Baratheon players use.


I know there are probably many different ways to play each faction, therefore the "staple cards" of each faction may change based on what type of deck your building, but I'm looking mainly for chapter packs that contain Lannister and or Baratheon cards that would be very good in the majority of the decks they are put in.  For those that know NetRunner, similar to how Jackson Howard gets put into 99% of all NetRunner corp decks.


So if you guys can help me out and come up with a list of something like 5-10 cards each for Lannister and Baratheon, and what chapter packs they come in, I would greatly appreciate it.  I'm interested in the game so far, but I want to play around with some of the better cards they have.  Thanks guys.

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Hi, and welcome to the game!


This might also be of interest:



Have fun!


Part of the problem with these articles is they're not too newbie friendly,


 T1 Deck Types


In my opinion / experience / reading, the primary T1 and T 1.5 Lannister decks include...



I have no idea what a T any deck is.

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