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Question about Dark pursuits (Spoilers)

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During the course of the adventure Dark pursuits in the main rulebook the pc's will find themselves in the possession of a curious black sphere infused with warp energy. The adventure is rather vague in describing the consequences of possessing this item for an extended period, but it does hint that the current owner will slowly go mad.


My question is, how have you handled this in game? I was considering daily willpower checks to avoid accumalating insanity points, but I fear that could be rather harsh. What if my players want to get rid of the orb? Should I allow them to just hide it away in some dark place or give it to some authority for safekeeping. I feel that once a pc have began to see the visions that the orb should mysteriously bond with him and he can't get rid of it however much he tries. Anyway, I would love to hear how any of you have handled the orb in game.

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Hi there,

I haven´t read the adventure in question, but "daily willpower test to avoid IP" is anything but a slow descend into madness. And it makes for a dice fest as soon as the character has a prolonged downtime Scene (like, travelling onboard a void shhip). And last but not least, having to role dice that often will only encourage the character to get rid of the item.

How about willpower roles every "downtime" (like, between adventures or when the character are around for weeks). and give him 1d5+DoF (if any) Insanity Points.


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I skimmed the part with the orb now

1) How many Insanity shall I give?
None, unless it comes from a failed fear test. The orb is a plot hook, a story device for the mood and a minor hinderance. The characters have to collect it and are very likely to get rid of it by the end of the adventure. Countrary to my first Statement, I would not throw additional IP at them. #That poor noble had it far longer then the characters will have it.

2) Should I allow them to stow the orb away?
If they find a place to lock it up, allow for it. But make them aware that it is their responsibility as agents of the Inquisition to make sure that this item does not end up in the wrong hands until they had a debriefing. 

Of course the characters could contact some "official authorities" (like the Arbites) to store the item. I would allow it, but role a dice to lower their subtlety. 

If they stow it away themselves,  feel free to role Subtlety once they draw attention to themselves. If the role is failed, the place they stored it might be searched... an ransacked.

If they lose the item over the course of the adventure, I would reduce their Influence "gain" by 1 Point to show the displeasure of their Inquisitor. But, warn them about such a thing ahead of their action. Players should know their responsibilities and the the consequences for their actions.

EDIT: I have removed some of my bad gramma. The rest shall haunt the post for all eternity

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