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Using Reroll Multiple times?

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Hi, I apologize if this has been answered before, but my searches turned up "relevent" topics but not specifically the answer I was looking for:


I am aware, according to the rules on pg 12 of the rulebook:


Important: When a die is changed
or rerolled, ignore its original result
and apply only the new result. This
new result may be modified by other
effects; however, a die that has
already been rerolled cannot be
rerolled again during this attack.
I have 2 questions:
1. Can I reroll twice or multiple times if I select different dice each time? e.g.:
Royal Guard Tie /w Predator is in Range 1 of friendly Howlrunner, and attacks with 4 dice getting:
Hit + Hit + Focus + Blank
Can I use Howlrunners ability to reroll the blank, and predator to reroll the focus?

2. If my opponent uses elusiveness to reroll one of my hits into a blank, can I use predator/howlrunner to reroll the blank back into a hit?

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Yes and no.

The restriction on not rerolling more than once is per individual die, so as long as you select a different die you are fine.

It does apply to both players however, so if your opponent manages to reroll a die first, too bad.

Pay attention to to order things occur during an attack though. The rulebook lists the steps of an attack and who gets to modify what, when.

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1.  Yes.  


If you had Predator on Han and he had a TL on a ship you could use the Predator to reroll one (or two) die (dice), spend the TL to reroll any number of the remaining dice, and finally use Han's ability to reroll all of the dice you haven't already rerolled.


2.  No.


Your opponent gets to modify your attack dice first.  If one of those modifications is a reroll then that dice is done rerolling.

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