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List of material worth porting from other 40kRPGs WIP

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I am a bit procrastinating from more pressing things, so I made a little list of stuff that can/should/would be ported from first edition of Dark Heresy and other 40kRPGs. I am making this WIP, as I am listing Origins and Elite advances right now. If any gets treatment in other books I just list it first time it appears. I also do not list Backround Packages and Alternate Career Ranks, as their conversion would not be straight fit into the backround/role, some of the could even be open to discussion. I also do not list non-human non-mortal options.


I guess some of them will be covered in DH2 supplements (Mind Cleansed and Schola Progenium), some are less likely to do so (and I really like my Sionphia, Blighted Schola and Rite of Duplessence). When/if I convert some of the list I will post them, in the meantime, I hope this list will be a good reference for cool stuff in need of converting. Probably I am going to list many cool talents present through the 40kRPG sourcebooks transform them to the DH2 aptitudes as well, sometime later...


Dark Heresy

Core Rulebook


Imperial World


Inquisitors Handbook


Mind Cleansed

Schola Progenium

Battlefleet Calixis


Gunmettal City - Scintilla 

Maccabeus Quintus


Volg Hive


Elite Advances

Cybernetic Resurrection

The Cult of the Red Redemption

Nascent Psyker


Radicals Handbook


Blighted Schola


Hive Mutant

The Tainted Blood of Malfi


Elite Advances:
Sworn Radical

Daemon Vessel

The Exorcised

Mark of the Phaeonite


Blood of Martyrs


Famulous Protégé

Monastic Upbringing


Lathe Worlds

Elite Advances




Rogue Trader


Core Rulebook


Death World


Into the Storm


Frontier World


Fortress World

Penal World

Child of the Dynasty


Elite Advances

Agent of the Throne

Gilmpse from Beyond

Rite of Duplessence


The Navis Primer

Elite Advances


Void Mad Prophet

Cog Whisperer


Only War


Core Rulebook






Hammer of the Emperor



Feudal World

Mining Colony



Last Chance



Shield of Humanity


Lathe World

Post-Cataclymic World


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Why completely skip Black Crusade? There's a treasure-trove of things in there that should be ported. Rituals, Path to Power, Daemon Weapons, Daemon Engines, etc.


And Social Combat and Minions! I for one, welcome our new, crunchy, rules-heavy overlords. But I think it would be better to wait for FFG to publish first player supplement, that will give us more framework for rules extensions. Thus I think its playing safe by porting the origins, elite advances and talents (and guns, but there is this awesome 40k Armory project flying on forums). 


I have yet to take a look at psychich powers. but Theospamy, Voidfrost (Cryomancy) and Soulward (whats its name) should also be remade, not to mention various psychic powers in many many supplements. Oh and I am willing to bet my money, that as we have Daemonology Discipline in current TT 40k, it will make comback in RPG (since as far as I know, Inquistior Narrative Wargame). Major Sorceries from DH1 could be used as guideline of typical powers. 

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Well, I'm looking forward to see what you come up with, seeing as how I'll probably look at it several times over, since I've got a fair amount of porting to do myself, for my Only War-based Unified Ruleset.

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I must look closely on how is DH2 and OW aptitude system similiar or same. I hade pretty big file with many DH, RT, DW and BC talents for usage in Only War. Adding the more chaosy ones I did not use (seriously, Guard Psyker with RH Tainted Psyker talents would not be right), I might have something useful already. I just hope it survived my last cogitator failure by vicious scrappcode and assorted technogremlins :(

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Lathe World Rules

A character from a lathe world applies the following benefits during character creation:

Characteristic modifiers
+ Intelligence, + Perception OR + Ballistic Skill, – Fellowship

Fate Threshold
2 (Emperor’s Blessing 4+)

Home World bonus
The True Flesh: Lathe world characters posess the Mechanicus Implant Traits. In addition their potentia coil is specifically enhanced to meet the high energy needs of integrated weapons.
Isolated by machines: -10 penalty to any Interaction Test to interact with characters who are not also from a Lathe World, Forge World or are initiates of the Adeptus Mechanicus.
Lore of the Omnissiah: Lathe world characters start with Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus), Linguistic (Techna Lingua) and can swap one skill from the Backround option with Logic OR Tech-Use.

Home World Aptitude

A feral world character starts with 8+1d5 wounds.

Recommended Backgrounds
Adeptus Administratum, Adeptus Arbites,
Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial Guard

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Gunmetall City


Characteristics Modifiers: + Agility, + Perception,  - Willpower

Fate Threshold: 2 (Emperor’s Blessing 9+)

Home World Bonus: Packing Iron: If you are, for any reason without a usable gun, either

because you have been disarmed, caught unawares, or run out of ammunition, you take a –5 penalty on all Tests.

Way of the Gun: Ballistic Skill +5; begin play with the Weapon Skill (SP) talent; +5 bonus on Tech Use Tests involving projectile firearms.

Hiver Skill: Lingusitics (Metallican Hive Dialect)

Home World Aptitude: Ballistic Skill

Wounds: 8+1d5

Recommended Backgrounds: Adeptus Arbites, Adeptus Mechanicus,

Imperial Guard, Outcast

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