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Can't even remember what wave these were they have been sat on the side for so long! Finally got a clear morning and gave them a tickle over, keeping to my 'minimal effort' mantra with the X-wing stuff so simply shaded out the panels and edged them a bit. Call me finicky if you may but I just couldn't live with that factory weathered finish, you know, the one that looks like someone dipped a yard brush in a bucket of black paint and dragged it over the model!!




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Last year, I ran a list including a B-Wing with Tactician.  I decided to make an extended cockpit mod for one of my models, and the rear cockpit windows seemed reminiscent of the A-5 Vigilante naval Strike/Reconnisance plane from the 60's-early 70's:vigilante-3.jpg


I've long enjoyed the Gull Grey/White color schemes of naval aircraft from the late 50's through the mid 80's (lots of variety and visual interest, compared to carriers today, where everything is a boring grey Hornet variant)


So I decided to do a late 60's themed US Navy B-Wing/E2:




The Cockpit extension is just plastruct tubing with some small strips along the side to help it blend.  It rotates on an axle running through the hub to the back end of the pod (not an efficient way of doing this, though it's cool to have the front and back pods rotate together.  I've since switched to magnets for rotation)  Ship rotation is through a pair of ring magnets.


The decals are actually from Attack Squadron 35 which operated Intruders off of Nimitz (Carrier Air Wing 8: "AJ") from the mid 70's through mid 80's. Decals from Starfighter Decals, which has a great selection of small-scale decals for your 1/350 aircraft carrier planes, as well as some nice custom decals for Star Fleet Battles minis.  Nice decals, but very shiny- may even need another coat of Dullcote....


Our gaming group meets next to Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, and we have a bunch of current and former sailors, so it's dedicated to them and their service.

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Couldn't resist jumping on the Hoth bandwagon!

Yeah, well, sitting and doing nothing got boring real quick..here's some Hoth stuff :P

ATATs are free card downloads, ATSTs and Speeders are repainted Micromachines and the Planet Defense Laser, towers and gens are my own, cant wait to play this had lots of fun setting it up for the pics..already started collecting sh8t together for the Imperial Assault scale tabletop!












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Had a little time to put brush to rock this week so I think I finally nailed down what our new Asteroid Defense core set will consist of, bear in mind this a totally sandbox set-up so the builds shown are merely serving suggestions, what you need or build are totally your own imagination! I love open ended narrative style gaming so, for me, the ability to be able to create a base to suit your objectives is an added bonus and I'll be honest I really enjoyed creating them! So much fun to build I fear my room may be overrun with hundreds of asteroid variations before the month is out! Working on the booster sets as we speak so expect some more weird and wonderful builds anytime soon! Few ships from different systems shown for scale...








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Couple more examples of builds using the core and booster sets. Lets call them a Transport Hub and some sort of communications/power relay! One more to go then I really must concentrate on getting some kits made up for the shop!!






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Last one (for now) mainly because I have ran out of shelf space, I'm sick of painting little windows and I seriously have to knuckle under and get some kits made for the shop!!

huge outpost type thing!





A collection of what can be done with a little imagination!


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