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Some things I've done ..
the School Bus
I've posted these up before, but I'm happy with them, the photography isn't the best, but I'm no professional lol.. 
Great idea for the thread.. 
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I'm hoping these guys don't mind,but I absolutely LOVE the LED light conversions people have done for their YT's, Shuttles, Firesprays and Corvettes.  Really inspiring stuff, and I can't wait to see people get their hobby knives and watch batteries out for the Wave 5 releases.   :D


Here's the links to the various project threads, round of applause, thumbs up and a "good work fella" for everyone involved:


Millennium Falsehood's Light Up Firespray:
Millennium Falsehood's Light Up CR90 Thread:
Shanx's Light-Up Falcon & Shuttle Project Thread:
TonyRockyHorror's Light Up Falcon Thread:
Khyros's Light Up Falcon Thread:
My apologies if I've missed anyone out!

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Not a great deal to show as I like to keep the painting to a minimum. I tend to concentrate on adding little details like the engine lights on my TIE's along with a few 'blood stripes'/alternative markings.






Though I did go 'all out' on the Phantom. I never intended to as there are far too many superior versions already out there. But when I got mine home and took it out of the blister it had a massive black wash mark on the front, just underneath the cock-pit. Not a great paint job but I'm happy enough to fly it! 



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Can't believe I forgot to post Boomer's Nebulon B scratchbuild thread eariler:


Boomer_J's 1/270 scale CR90 & Nebulon B Frigate Thread:

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