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Which The End of the World would you want to see?

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wonder what they'll give for reason as to why the gods are attack us. Also wondering if it is just one pantheon, or multiple ones, and oh lord this is gonna become a theologian nightmare.



guy: "Go away zeus I don't believe in you!"

Zeus: "Goooo! LIghtuning booooolt!!!"


guy: "okay i do believe in lightning bolts, i mean- aaaach!"



guy: euh you see first we had this christian conversion thing, but now we switched to atheism-


guy: "aaaagh!!!!"


Thor: "what are you two doing? I'm the only god of thunder!"

Wodan: "come at me bro!"

zeus: " i'm not a thunder god, i'm the RULER of all gods! I just throw lightning bolts is all..."

Thor:  (to Odin) hey dad? there is some other guy here who claims he's the big boss!"

Odin: "we'll see about that..."

"zombies brings walkers, runners, born of a voodoo spell, a blood infection that affects animals and raised by an alien bacteria."


"The wrath of the gods brings a doomsday starring Quetzalcoatl and the Maya, one based on the Christian Revelation (for the whole server of the five), a third in which the goddess Gaia awakens and nature runs wild, quarter in which the Norse gods begin with Ragnarok (prize for most original story) and finally awakening Cthulhu and sending deep against humanity"


These are quotes from a google translation of a review of the spanish version. It sounds like each book will have different flavors to pick from....which is awesome.


Here is a link to the review. (ran thru google translate)


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I'd like to see a near future "post apoc" style a la Book of Eli and the Road Warrior series. Said "Apocalypse" could be any number of events such as nuke war, climate change, human abuse of environment, or even just a pandemic that wipes 80% of the population so the world doesn't have enough humans left to maintain current society, to power the power grids, to keep telecom systems operational.

I could also get behind something dystopian a la Hunger Games, Elysium.

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The initial lines seem to cover the gamut of natural possibilities pretty well. Though here is what I'd add onto the line.


EotW: Nuclear Apocalypse

This is a natural go-to that I'm sure has been mentioned here at least four or five times.


EotW: Post-Apocalypse Fantasy due to the return of Magic.

This has also been mentioned above in terms of EoTW: Ley Lines. I've always found it an interesting concept and like the sci-fantasy feel.


EotW: Future Earth

This is pretty vague, but the idea was inspired by the later sections of H.G. Wells "The Time Machine" after The Traveler leaves the Eloi and the Morlocks in the past. The basic premise is the group of PC's get transported to a future earth, though given the nature of the book's feel that may not be in the general flavor of what FFG is going for.


Another Interesting RPG that FFG is trying and probably going to sell me. My Wallet thanks you in advance. :D

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