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Heal/Harm Power Tree layout

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Every tree other than this one has a clear 4x4 layout below the basic power, some with double or triple wide upgrades.  Visually, this tree bothers me.  I like crisp and clean layouts.  One solution would be to move the Magnitude upgrade at the bottom of column three between the Magnitude and Control of column two and spread the control out to be a double wide in row four and the Mastery also to be a double wide accessible by both columns three and four.  Or another possibility would be to add an additional upgrade between the magnitude and control in column two and do the control spread in row four.  However, adding upgrades shouldn't be taken lightly.


An additional Range upgrade would lead to extreme range healing... personally that seems a bit much.  Magnitude would allow up to six people getting healed, not too bad or overbalanced, as most groups tend to be four to six PC's anyway.  Strength would add one additional point of healing/harming per check... also doesn't feel too bad.  There are no Duration upgrades, and that seems to be a good idea, it's a single round effect that acts like a stimpack usage.  Control upgrades are unique and I don't even want to try coming up with something like that.


Anyway, the layout and design has always been top notch in the books.  This is just something that sticks out to me as being off.

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