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Weapon Info: That folks seemed to like.

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Miah999 said:

I wanted to repost this, since It recived good response.

It's a little wide so here's the direct link.






Some of those ranges are maximum _ranges_ not maximum _effective_ ranges.  Max effective is the range at which you can effectively engage a point (precision) or area target.  The Max effective ranges listed are WAY off.  Marksmen and snipers can use weapons like the 7.62 or the 12.7 (.50 cal) at ranges exceeding 1000m, but few other can shoot with any degree of accuracy past 300-450. 

As for the larger caliber weapons, unless they are purpose built sniper weapons, most are vehicle mounted.

BTW RPG-17's self destruct at about 700m.

Good graphic, but check the figures.



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Tanks for the imput.

Please keep in mind, that this is not "human factor" data; all information is based on manufacturer specs (a US issue ammunition manual), and bench tests using standard solid ball ammo. One other thing about ranges while you right about point vs. area as a millitary stadard. some of this info is based on penitration into 15 inches of balistic gel, as the mesure of effectivness. Also some data is an average (RPG Type for instance) Not all Rocket weapons self destruct at 700m.

Not trying to argue, but I can only check these numbers so many times.

Thanks again.

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