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OFF TOPIC: Star Wars gif party

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3612444.gif YivIpP3.gif tumblr_n0y8utT22L1qgzpr7o4_250.gif C8tW88Z.gif tumblr_mdqxedZYAy1qjfk4wo1_500.gif tumblr_m1g1ip1r9M1qibhi9o1_500.gif tumblr_mfugvgVb3E1rlheeoo1_r2_500.gif tumblr_mlwbqcpV6q1rth2h5o1_400.gif 4-fight4.gif iiBUD4SaUjKfq.gif

Wow...thats alot of Mandalorians being killed...Ni partayli vode (i'll remember you brothers)
Those are Death Watch.

So? The Death Watch from TCW are pretty close to True Mandos.

They don't follow the codex though.

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