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Necromancer's familiar - action or not?

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I'm very confused about this one.


The Rules of Play state that it does not require an action to Raise the familiar. Yet the card has an exhaust icon on it.


Does it take an action to raise the dead familiar?


Same question re: the wolf for Beastmaster?


Many thanks.

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I'm just guessing, but you have a background with Magic the Gathering perhaps? That icon on Raise Dead (and the Beastmaster's skill to summon the wolf) is NOT, NOT an exhaust icon. There is no "exhaust icon" in Descent, if something needs to be exhausted, it is mentioned in the text (Necromancer's Fury of Undeath, which note also the the arrow icon). Arrow icon on Raise Dead means using that skill takes an Action (Use a Skill option under Hero Turn Summary on page 7).

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