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HA ha ha Im lawful evil! Actually as a role of Glaurung is ok.  Glaurung i like this!


But personally I'm not that just don't like some people who don't know nothing about subject and try to talk and arguments with other. About things they even don't have a clues about.


but at least lawful is mean clever.....not so bad in the end of the day.....


My camera is broken cannot make more videos.......that make me more evil actually!!!!!!


I would like to tell I'm actually pretty happy and proud to be part of this community and i hope we can be here for many years more!  Cheers!

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Motivational Poster with

RichSabre as Lawful Good

GrandSpleen as Neutral Good

Alogos as Chaotic Good

Danpoage as Lawful Neutral

Nyarlazorbec as True Neutral

Tracker1 as Chaotic Neutral

Glaurung as Lawful Evil

Booored as Neutral Evil

Trololo as Chaotic Evil



well, I try to be as good as possible but it is true that rule that don't follow my logic are just an hindrance for me. So quite accurate for me.

I don't have access to the image at work too.

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Ok, so being evil in this forum is interpreted as being rude or a troll. Fair enough. But what would be "good" according to you? Being nice? Answering newbie questions? What makes richsabre good and what makes Dan neutral?  They're both equally good to me, maybe Dan is even "better" since he contributes so much to the community with Blog/podcast/card search, but at the same time I find Rich more of an optimist and someone who has more fun... Also how is Tracker1 chaotic?


Anyway, I'm clearly looking too deep into it, but nevertheless it's a fun game!


Also, I'd like to see one of these using the spheres of influence.

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