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Millennium Falsehood

Are you more of a casual or hardcore player?

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I prefer to play casually, but if my opponent take it too personally or only care about winning, I'll raise my game and can become quite competitive. But if my opponent only want to have fun playing while taking a couple beers, I won't bother as much about trying to overplay him.

For team building, I prefer to center my builds around a theme, an esthetic or a pilot. Visual is as important as efficiency. So, as crazy as it sounds, there will usually have a certain symetry and not too much variety in ship design. Exemple, if I wanted to use a Shuttle with bomber, I would try to fit at least 2 Bombers, or if I had 43pts left, I would take 2 Rookie instead of a Rookie and a Blue.

Also, I really love to build a team around an underdog and try to find a way to make it tick. That's the only reason I will play a list more than once, to get the hang out of that particular ship/pilot. As the opposite, I'll try to avoid as much as possible the flavor of the month. Exemple, when Wave 4 got released, I almost exclusively played with the Defenders instead of the Phantom.

So, for those reason, I think I fit more in the Casual stereotype, but can become hardcore if the need.

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