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An idea for a future player card theme (Caleb read this!)

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@MichtheOne, you expressed my thoughts better than I could. While it's true that the palantir was tempting and most of the time it brought ruin, it wasn't tempting for nothing. It was tempting because it COULD bring great power at a great risk. The reason these characters were tempted to use it was because it brought big benefits at a price. And the current Palantir card is just unplayable for the most part. The price its ability has is just too high and the risk too certain compared to the potential benefit it could bring. Not that seeing the first 3 cards of the encounter deck and possibly draw a card or two is bad per se, but the cost for that is too high IMO. Looking at it, if it let you draw 2 cards for each type guessed right, it would be pretty good. But raising my threat in most cases by 4 and exhausting a hero to see the top 3 cards and maybe draw a card? No thanks.

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