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Question regarding the Arakyd Missile Pack and Specialized Missiles

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Dangerous Convenents, page 60, describes the Arakyd Missile Pack as a misslie battery holding 8 or 10 missiles that is "designed to fire as group or cluster".


If filres missiles in 2 groups of 4 or 5.


This means that if you are using standard (starship) Concussion Missiles (not the mini version), then one shot costs 2500 CR. The advantage is extra accuracy and damage.


However, if you wanted to save money, it would be convenient if there was an option to fire a single missile.


So my question is: can the Arakyd Missile Pack also fire missiles individially?


I would also like to tag on another question:


Dangerous Convenents, page 60, describes various types of "Specialized Missiles", such as Decoy and Jammer.


Is it possible to fire these using the standard Concussion Missile Launcher described on page 229 of the Core Rulebook?


And, if that is possible, what about firing the missiles using a Proton Torpedo Launcher?


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