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Anyone playing in SE Michigan??

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We have had this come up multiple times. There is a group that plays on Thursdays at RIW in Livonia (5 Mile and Middlebelt) which is right around the corner from where I live and yes I know Sterling Heights is between 45 min to 1 an hour away but there have been people coming from farther and having a great time. I don't know how to solve the fact that the community has chosen this venue to congregate at but there it is.

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yep, and I am the who has brought it up  lol


It seems that everyone who plays is about an hour away in any given direction.


The guy at my local gaming store says that he only orders 2 copies of the force packs because he knows I'll get one, and maybe one day ill find someone else to play and they will get the other one.

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Hello Rock (and this invitation goes out to the rest of the community),


I'm not sure how easy it is to get out to Lansing MI, but at Evolution Games every Wednesday night from 6 to close, it is LCG night.


There is always people playing Star Wars and Lord of the Rings LCG. We also from time to time see Netrunner and Game of Thrones as well. So if you get a chance check us out.



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SE Michigan stores that host games:


RIW Hobbies (Livonia)- Thursdays @ 6pm

Evolution Games (lansing) - Wednesdays 6pm

Fun4All (yipsi) - random kit tournements hosted by toggle

Checkmate Games (Toledo close enough to SEMI) - 2pm hosted by Bazeel


RIW hobbies:

Is both fun casual games and kit tournements if enough people show up.

there is always a few kits in the back if we pull enough people.

since GenCon the attendance has been kinda slim 3-5 people a week. but we can pull 10-12 when we announce a kit tournament. We plan on having a winter kit tournament for sure.

and we have an extra Leia kit we still need to crack open.

last night we had 3 people played from 530-1030 and got 7 games in, played 4 fun decks 2 tourney decks.....everyone had good a good time.


Why RIW hobbies?

even tho most LCG players are 30-45 min away all the RIW swlcg players have been playing games at that store for 5+yrs and its our home base, most of the lcg players also play other games at the store, so its just natural that, that is where we do our gaming, plus the customer support is well worth the drive.



RockSoldier what game store are you close too?

is there anyone that plays there regularly so I can add it to my known swlcg lists?

just trying to be able to reach the community for tournament announcements and what not.


also I would invite everyone to check out this Michigan SWLCG facebook group:


we try to post any kit tounements or store championships/regional announcements in there, as well as other Michigan stores.



another option is over Skype via web cam, or playing on OCTGN.

personally I don't like OCTGN but it does allow you to play online.

Toggle, Anthony and I play via webcam/Skype all the time.....its a nice option when you can't always make the drive.

when we were gearing up for GenCon we were prolly playing 10-20 games a week via webcam.

Edited by Kevin Keeler

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Kevin -  Thank for the great info.


The stores I am closest to are Gamers Gauntlet, Guild of Blades and Eternal Games.


I have played X-wing at Gamers Gauntlet and Eternal, and had roleplaying sessions at Guild of Blades and Eternal.


But I haven't found anyone that plays the SW LCG at any of them.

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