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EotE game recruiting: Problem Solvers Inc.

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Hey guys! I'm looking to run my first EotE game on Roll20, and I thought I'd come here to recruit!


I'm open as to what day to run it, but I'm looking at later nights, around 10:30PM CST


The Premise: A "detective agency" style campaign, where you as the players start your own A-Team from a ship and building you'll earn through the starting adventure. The jobs will start small, but may span the whole galaxy someday. Once the campaign starts, you'll have three choices of where to begin the story: Nar Shaddaa, an Outer Rim Colony, or a small shadowport station.

Here's the Roll20 Forum link. Post interest both here and on that campaign, and in a couple weeks, I'll send out invites and we can begin!


Please include what days you're available at that time (10:30PM CST)


I look forward to GMing you guys :)

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