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Far Horizon - Base of operations

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the rules for building bases (homestead or business) are very interesting to me. And came out just as my players began asking to built a, quote: "Secret moon base". 
But the rules are fairly limited with not that many options. The homestead has 6 upgrades, like a hangar and so on, and the business has fewer.

I need more upgrades and more exciting options for my players.


and they don't to run a moisture farm or built a nice little community, no they want a Base of operations for their smuggling business. so I'm gonna take the basic business option and make their business smuggling. and let the career skill gained be knowledge underworld or streetwise.

and I'm gonna need to tweak some of the upgrades to make them more relevant and come up with some new ones. And this might be helpful for other people too, I hope. 


So help I guess. 

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Well, i like the old Hideouts and Strongholds from WEG, it had a nice pricelist for the various installations (shops, defences, quarters, ...).

Sadly they are hard to get unless you download a pdf somewhere which could be illegal in your country.

Since you already got your copy of Far Horizon look at the prices and go on from there, talk with your players if you want to to get prices for other upgrades.

Sorry that i can't be a bigger help but so far i'm still waiting for my shop to get their shipment of FH.

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It doesn't look like the homestead rules are intended to be a full blown Yavin base. They look to be more like a colony hotspot. With that being said, you can certainly those rules and expand upon them a little bit. I would pitch the idea of either a business or a homestead tables and make a new table called "Stronghold". The base career skill could be a combat skill. Just like the space station homestead, it would give you a hanger and not much else.


From there you can look at optional upgrades.

  • Expanding the Hanger
  • tighter security
  • external defenses.
  • Internal Security
  • You could add NPCs just like in the other two selections, such as a Quartermaster that can sell you items of Rarity 6 or lower at cost and has a few ranks in Black Market Contacts.
  • A repair garage (and you can purchase an astromech NPC using one of the NPCs listed above.


With a little effort, the homestead rules can definitely be reworked to make a base of operations. I would consider waving the potential profits that a business would bring in favor for more offensive or defensive options for the base.



Alternatively, I don't see any reason why a homestead could not be a base of operations. I've played a few games in the past where we laid low in bars owned by NPCs that were friendly to the party. These bars were practically our homes.

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yeah the stronghold sounds like the way to go Upgrade wise. Still think I'm gonna go with a streetwise like skill. and focus on storage, security and secretiveness (is that even a word) and People. People like Quartermaster, for weapons and stuff. And one doing the same for vehicles.

some kind computer guy maybe. Something helping with staying hidden. some contacts npc to maybe give boost to streetwise or knowledge checks to the pcs when they are out and around?


For the base I was thinking 

- A brigg 

- A vault

- A workshop

- A study/library type thing


If they really want some kind of turbo-laser battery


Can't seem to find Hideouts and Strongholds in my WEG folder - is it the name of the book or the chapter?

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Smuggling would be a service-based business, if you wanted to use the RAW. However, I think the rules lend themselves to expansion and homebrewing very well, so long as you are working within that basic framework. Working with your players to add modification options that have a reasonable cost for the benefits provided in line with what is already on the upgrade tables should allow you to add more of the options you are listing, which all seem reasonable to me. (though the workshop/garage type upgrade is certainly already on the list).

Hideouts & Strongholds was basically an entire WEG book devoted to this sort of concept, with a lot of work inside by the legend that is Sterling Hershey.

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