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Path of the Masters - T Shirt Thread

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 Ok, I'm a bit late putting this up, but I didn't get teh shirts back until Saturday. Anyhoo, the PotM shirts look like this:




 Here you can see them being modelled by a sexy (?) bunch of misfits mostly known as Ray, Bevan, me and Craig. gran_risa.gif

 The shirst are availabe in four flavours, medium, large, extra large and gamer. I only had twenty four printed and seven are gone already! The shirts cost £12.50, with all profits going to charity. Currently I have remaining:

 Medium x 2

 large x 5

 XLarge x 9

 XXLarge x 1

 If you would like to reserve a shirt please let me know as soon as please. Otherwise the shirts will be onsale at PotM.

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Korrin said:

I'll have the XXL mate if that's okay, unless you've already included mine in those numbers.



 Yup your's has already been deducted from the totals..............happy.gif

 @Antigoth, It would probably be about $5-6 US, slightly more Canadian, I'd have to double check. If you would liek one then it is not a problem shipping over seas, but payment would have to be through PayPal.

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  Ok, so after the event we have a few shirts left:

 2 x Medium

 3 x Large

 1 x X Large

 Be the evny of your gaming group by wearing one of these shirts!!happy.gif

 Yes I will ship outside of the UK too, so it doesn't matter where you are in the world you are you can show everybody that you had thirteen months of pain! happy.gif

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Tallgeese said:

Admiral Ren said:


i would liek one :);)



 Cool, let me know what size and a location and I can get a price to you, Paypal ok?

i would go for a large one. i'm in Canada.


yes i have paypal

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