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A question on timing?

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My friend and I were jousting lately. He was Stark, I was Lannister. The game went for a long time and it was very close, in fact, he had 14 to my 13 power and he won initative. Now, he went into battle with Eddard, who has reknown, and won. Immediately, I dropped my "A Lannister pays his debts" to kill Eddard. Now, Eddard already had 1 power on his card and would have  claimed the second, game winning power, when I played my card. However, would he still have gotten the power for reknown ahead of that?

FYI- As soon as it was my turn (we kept playing after this, niether of us are that big on winning if we're having fun) but the next turn was mine and I had an unopposed intrigue challenge (for 1 power) and used my lannisport card to pay 1 gold to gain additional power for the victorious intrigue challenge (I would have one on dominace also that turn).


So the question- did I "repay my debt" before he claims his power? Did I win or did he?


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He won.


The order of challenge resolution goes as follows:

1. Determine who wins.

2. Settle the challenge results/"claim"

3. Award bonus power if the challenge was unopposed

4. Award any power for characters with Renown

5. Resolve passive effects activated by anything that happened in 1-4. (It is important to note that if there is a passive activated by something that happens in #1, it doesn't actually activate until here, after 2-4 are resolved.)

6. Play "Response" effects to anything that happened in 1-5. (As above, even if your Response is to #1, like ALPHD, you cannot actually play it until here, after 2-5 are completed.)


So, because you have to wait to use Response effects until #6, your opponent would have won in #4 when Eddard claimed his power for Renown. ALPHD would have come too late.

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