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Droid art

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This was done during R2-D2s "blue" period after the clone wars and went missing from Bail Organa's ship


This was done by 21B after he was left on hoth and had nothing to work with but medical instraments and snow... lots and lots of snow



I know after Jabba's death EV-9D9 joined the Tatooinee "Burning Droid" movement out in the middle of the judland wastes


and C3PO tired making an abstract scuplture of himself on Bespin but some stupid wookiee put him back together before anyone one saw it

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The HK series of droids was originally developed to create modern art using organic components. Most notably the "Meat Bag" style of decorating public and private spaces with body parts and offal.


Unfortunately this caused a massive misunderstanding(as many artists often are) resulting in the HK series being classified as Assassin Droids.


Although they are becoming increasingly rare, HK series Art Droids continue to grace the galaxy with their distinctive artform, although they must work in secret to avoid capture.

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