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3rd Faction 3rd Player?

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Is it now possible to play with all 3 factions? I'm debating my next purchase and the addition of this faction is terrific if I can then do 3 way battles.



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There are currently no official rules for three faction games. I can offer the following suggestion that my group has used, it worked for us:

Three Is A Magic Number

Briefing: Three player scenario for Tannhauser. You will need Operation Novgorod.

Map: Tesla Priory from Operation Novgorod.

Difficulty Level: Hard

Game Mode: Death Match

Materials: 12 Crate Tokens (see Setup below).

- Separate the Crate Tokens from Tannhauser and Operation Novgorod into Equipment and Victory Points.
- Shuffle the Equipment Tokens face down and randomly select three, discard the rest.
- Shuffle the Equipment Tokens face down with the nine Victory Point tokens (0,1,1,1,1,1,2,2,2).
- Without revealing their contents, place these twelve Crate Tokens on every Objective and Action circle.

Pick up the most Victory Points and eliminate both teams.

Special Rules:
- Each team starts the game with the standard 2 Victory Points plus any bonuses. Players may only earn Victory Points by eliminating characters in the following manner: For every 2 characters (Hero or Troop) eliminated from 2 different opposing teams, the player earns 1 Victory Point. Eliminating 2 characters from only one opposing team earns no Victory Points.
- Victory Points can be spent normally.

Victory Conditions: Once one team is eliminated, the game ends. The player with the most Victory Points wins. In the case of a tie, the team with the most characters remaining on the board wins.

Scenario Option: If you own the character expansions, each player may use a total of 4 Heroes but no Troopers.

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