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[Needed] Hide-outs for Narco-Gangers in the Coscarla Distritct

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Greetings, brethern

ACHTUNG! Wenn einer von euch einen "Spielleiter" namens Kai hat hört ihr jetzt SOFORT auf zu lesen!!!


one of my player groups is into "Edge of Darkness"...and "short cutted" it a bit. After there try-out PC (now dismissed) found out that the Magistrat Men weren´t quiet fine & locking down Coscarla and where covering the incidences (they DID have a run in with one of the "Constructs") they decided... to turn round and make a run back to Interrogator Sands to report and ask for assistance (stole a hover, made a flight out)

So now, a new group of npc (a underhive assasine, and imperial arbitrator and a voiborn pysker) accompany an Arbittrator an coordinated assault on
- the Alms House (players involved)
- the hab home of the MagistratMen
- the Magistrat Watchstation
- the Third Tantalus Workers Union

I think you are able to imagine where this leads...

As a "follow up", I ( a.k.a. =I=) want them to find out about the whereabout of "you-know-who". There only links are the narcogangers, but those that did not got killed during the Arbites raid are into hiding.

I worked out a little "Inquiery"-Theme where the can find out hints to there hiding places (they will find out where they hung out...will ask around there to find some-one who knowed a ganger in order to get helpfull hints...one way or the other).

Now, I am in need for some hideouts and clues leading there. About three, so if the mess up the first the have two other chances

My first take:
They will find out that one of them ("Helleye" Hogan) spent a lot of time and money with the joy-girls at the downtrodden Felicity Park Area. If they nose around there they will find his "favorite" was a working girl named Stella. While smoking obscura with Stella "after the act", he always talked about that he was now "laying with the Akorila, under the emporers eyes" and more such "nonsense".
An "Akorila" is an antlike insectoid predator found in the wastelands outside of the hive. He could have never made it there, and few hive dwellers now about such creatures at all!

If the pc investigate about "buildings" and "predators/beast", they will find an empty zoo used to featur dangerous local wildlife. An attraction of forma glory of Coscarla. There is a emporer statue in the center of the zoo, facing the abandoned area that emulated the terrain for the "Akorila" (he read the zoo signs, hence his knowledge). Hogan hides in the old nest...and the pc need him alive!

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I now have plans for two hideouts, but need a third.

I thought about a libary and the clue having one of the narcos totting a different book anytime... but I do not suppose that there is a libary in south coscarla.

Any-one any idea for a simliar "hideout"? One that is stocked with specific items a pc could trace back to the place? 

The items have to be distintice...but not to much value, so that the place hadn´t been emptied already.


I am thankfull for any suggestion!

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Edge of Darkness Spoiler approaching.....



Check out the fan-made Gateway 17 scenario from Dark Reign. It has a lot of potential and somewhere on Dark Reign are also a few high quality floorplans and maps for it.

My group is in the middle of it and I used it as some kind of Edge of Darkness follow-up (with Illumination, Maggots in the Meat and another adventure inbetween...). Maybe it can be an inspiration for you even though it takes place in another district and not in the Coscarla district anymore. The adventure outlined in Gateway 17 needs a little love as it is rather basic in its approach, but it has the potential to be as intriguing and thrilling as Edge of Darkness in my view. I put the Logician hide-out into one of the warehouses with almost the same set-up as the Alms House in Coscarla as my players only ever saw the ground floor of the Alms House and missed most of upper floors of the Churgeons hell-house (as well as the Logician Crucible Agent Sybas Moran and the Churgeon herself apart from a momentary glance...). The Body Snatchers from Edge of Darkness in the meantime got a little more sophisticated (+5 Ag, +5 WS, +10 BS) and had better partially inbuilt weaponry (Heavy Stubber, Flamer, Breacher) to illustrate the advances the Churgeon is making... The Logicians still had a deal with the local Narco-Dealers in the form of the Rose Cartel, whose head (Julius Dean) is in fact an Amaranthine Agent and receive most of the drug shipments from Ambulon by land-train / macro hauler. The Serrated Query also has their hands in the pie with the drug shipments from Ambulon, as I intend to follow the adventure up with Rejoice for you are True from Purge the Unclean.


Beste Grüße von einem Spielleiter-'Leidensgenossen' aus Hamburg ;)

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Hello Luthor

Besten Grüsse aus Bielefeld in den hohen Norden des Landes. Wasserkante ahoi!

thanks for poiting me in the Direction of "Gateway 17". I am going to use my own idea (making the pc chase some narco-gangers in order to find out which Narco-Syndicate supported the Logicians) as a "prelude" to "Gateway 17". And change "Gateway" a little. It is a fine work (especially with the finde maps around for download!) but

The cartel´s name is not to my taste... and the psyker as well. Psykers are something very special in my campaign, no matter if "sanctionite" or "rogue".  I like the return of Sikes. In my game, he took "orders" from the pc ("we need this killy-killer weapon and that sha-sha-shiny stuff"), proclaimed that he would need two days and left his place (with a re-rigged and re-armed "pest control" servitor on guard). I will have Sikes running two of those "satelite shops", tending to each about two days a weak while spending the last three in his "main business" near the ateria ("week ends are for the weak, as the name implies. Proper and ambitious hive shop keepers make a throne when the opportunity is there!").

Anyway, since I have no "third idea" my group will only have two chances to get the connections.

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The cartel's name might be a bit too rosy for the grimdark 40K setting, but I thought it is somehow fitting just for the very same reason in an ironic sense. Julius Dean was also no psyker when I played Gateway 17, but the mentioned Amaranthine Agent and head of the Rose Cartel. Unfortunately our groups Assassin put a bullet right through his cranium when he encountered him in the North-South-Emporium at Scriverners Row. The Amaranthine Syndicate supplies the Logicians with certain xenotech for their experiments in my campaign and Julius is in fact the low tier agent interacting with the Logicians (ie. the Logician Agent Sybas Moran) directly. He gets the shipments mostly through an enigmatic Amaranthine Captain. The Serrted Query in turn sells certain drugs and chemicals produced in Ambulon to the Logicians, who use some of the drugs and chemicals for their own experiments and refine some of the drugs for the Narco-dealers of the Rose Cartel.

Unfortunately my players so far have not met Sikes again in the district, but at least they had some great interaction with Chord Luntz who lost his quad-wheeler to some wheel-gangers. Chord gave the information about the North-South-Emporium to the PC's, when the players retrieved his quad-wheeler from the wheel-gang (after a vicious car chase and shootout). Chord even managed to flee the players (the groups Arbitrator had an arrest warrant on him and the Guardsman a bounty on his head) in the end with two flat tyres and is about to become some kind nemesis...

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