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Where Am I ?

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I have no idea where I am.

I was supposed to order  at Dino`s Resturant, and when i clicked on the link I was suddenly here. had to make a account and everything. But now finally  I am ready.


I`ll order a medium Hawaiian Pizza, extra cheese, no garlic please. and a large diet coke.

one large Stripes and Stars Pizza with extra baccon, and a medium strawberry shake. 


thank you.


Ps: If Ali is in say hello from Mal and tell him his tomatosauce special was excellent.


By the way you should do something with the online ordering, It seems too complicated,  and can I please rent the Dark Heresy movie, I love sci-fi.


yours Mal 

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 Welcome to the Internal Revenue Services website help forum Mr.Reynolds .  Your request for assistance has been logged along with your details. An auditor will be sent to your location to assist you with your audit within 5 working days.  Please have all documentation at hand.

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thanks for the swift responese

although it sounds expensive...and a bit scary.

I hope you bring along the pizzaes?


From jokes and fun too even more funnier things.... do you look foreward to Rogue Trader? It looks pretty amazing doesn`t it?  I`ve been a long term gamemaster in WFRP, but don`t know much about the 40K universe, except from the things I read in Dark Heresy. I plan on running a campaign as soon as I get my hands on a copy of Rogue Trader.

Can hardly wait, but have a hard time waiting.  


PS: loved your response

PSS: I am a big fan of Terry Pratchett, so I can`t help myself from being foolish at times. 


PSSS: looking forward for the audit. it was five working days? should I wear my best clothes? 

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