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Glaaki - so done!

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After nine long battles before succeeding to get a win for Chapter 6 I was pleasantly surprised to find chapter 7 a walk in park or should I say Arkham.

Most of the action occurred in Dunwich with the Dunwich horror making its move about 1/2 way into the game. It actually worked a treat as the investigators had manged to get some nice weaponry and few spells so while the Dunwich terror increased the doom track the investigators took refuge in Arkham Asylum.

Knowing that Dunwich was not going to be pleasant the Investigators decided to steer clear of the place and stay in Arkham. A good strategy as it turned out.

3 gates open in Dunwich, 2 in Arkham and the doom track hit 12. The Terror track stood at 2 and investigators had maximum sanity. As Glaaki appeared Mild mannered Darrell Simmons, who had managed to improve his combat skill by hanging out at the Gym, brandished The Golden sword of Y'hatella, Jacqueline Fine called on the Dread curse of Azathoth and Ashcan waded into the battle with his Tommy Gun and Brass Knuckles. Even though Glaaki resisted as best he could the magical weapon, the Spell, and some of bullets caused massive damage.

As Jacqueline Fine's eyes began to glaze she switched to casting  Wither with both hands and managed some crucial damage.

The investigators proved to be to good fro Glaaki and while he managed to hold off for a number of rounds he eventaully succumbed. Terror track stood at 7.

3 gates were closed and sealed and 8 monsters had been defeated. All in All very little work by the investigators and a lot of luck in the stars.angel.gif



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