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Word Choices: "Suffer" vs. "Takes"

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This might be a quibble, however, I've noticed that the choice of words used to describe various rules could be chosen better.


A lot of the discussions on the board center around the interpretation of the RAW for a particular talent, skill, action, etc... These interpretations often pivot on one or two chosen words in the passages used to to describe the effect.




Pg. 106, FaD Beta



"...the character may suffer 2 strain to add [FD] no greater than..."



"...He suffers 3 strain and reduces the damage dealt by by that hit..."


Pg. 107, FaD Beta



"...he suffers 1 less strain per rank of Resolve, to a minimum of 1. This does not apply to voluntary strain loss."


Although Resolve is very clear in its description of how it functions, when it comes to Quick Movement and Resolve, one could argue that the word "suffer" indicates an involuntary loss of strain, since no one would voluntarily suffer[1].


Changing "suffers" to "takes" ("may take") in the descriptions of the talents would help disambiguate whether it is being used by the character voluntarily, or whether it is being applied due to circumstance.


This one jumped out at me when I was looking at Reflect and Resolve (they sit next to each other across the spine of the book) and immediately jumped to the conclusion that since in the description of Reflect it says "When the character suffers a hit..." and "He suffers 3 strain..." I could use resolve to mitigate the strain "suffered" through Reflect.
An overly pedantic player could follow the logic of "It wasn't voluntary! My charactered suffered the hit, and had to suffer strain!"

Like I said, this is probably a quibble over word usage. The language used, and the descriptions of various effects throughout the rules are generally very clear. If not overly so.



[1] My argument is moot if the devs subscribe to the philosophy of "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional"

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While I think that since reflect and parry are voluntary actions decided on by the player, so that would negate the application of resolve, I agree that the wording needs some tightening.  Specifically, when does soak apply to specific effects?


Unleash ahs a control upgrade that applies 1 strain per advantage accrued on the attack.  From prior games (how my group has been running since the EotE beta was released) has been that this strain was not reduced by soak.  But that control upgrade can produce remarkable amounts of strain on a target, and similar abilities/effects could be well clarified through the consistent use of suffer v takes v [other words].

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I believe this got addressed on an earlier Order 66 podcast with Sam Stewart as a guest.


In short, Resolve only applies when you are suffering strain loss from an enemy or environmental effect.  Willfully activating a talent that requires the character to "suffer" strain doesn't qualify, since Resolve was meant to be akin to the Enduring talent, cutting down strain damage from outside sources just as Enduring cuts down wound damage from outside sources.

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