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Horror at Hugeldal NPCs?

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As always with the printed adventures I have trouble to understand which NPC stand is which character in the adventure Horror at Hugeldal? (Have the people creating the art even talked with the writers of the adventure??)


Anyway, can you please help me with this? I have sorted out the ones that I think might be in the adventure. Let me know if I have missed one.




From left to right:





4 Agnetha Von Jungfreud

5 Doktor Verfullen








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I'll agree that many of the standups in Signs of Faith were a bit cryptic.  I could have these wrong but here's what I've inferred by trying to match them up with the pictures in the books, Signs of Faith (SoF) and Liber Infectus (IF).  Many of these seem to be character stands for the various religions and NPCs or monsters.  I think only 3 (4, 5, and 7) are directly related to the Horror of Hugeldal.


1.  Priestess of Ranald (SoF, p. 41)

2.  Priestess of Myrmidia  (SoF, p. 19)

3.  Sorceror (or some other servant) of Nurgle (this one's a mystery, I can't find a match for it offhand, though I'd swear I've seen a larger version somewhere)

4.  Agnetha Von Jungfreud (IF, p. 38)

5.  Doktor Verfullen (IF, p. 43)

6.  some sort of Exalted Champion or Chaos Warrior of Nurgle (IF, p. 21)

7.  Cavalcade cultists (IF, p. 44)

8.  Priest of Ulric (SoF, p. 45)

9.  Priest of Taal (SoF, p. 43)

10.  Priest of Manaan (SoF, p. 36)


Hope that helps.  And I'll agree with thePREdigger about mixing and matching stands as need be, especially when some (like the Cavalcade cultists) are such dead giveaways.

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