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Descent Skirmish mode house rules

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Each player picks a hero


Decide who gets the overlord basic deck and basic 2 deck


Decide on how much experience each player gets,  the exp. can be used on overlord/hero cards and 1 exp= 50 gold to buy any items


Use a set amount of health (points) for the monsters

  -respect group limits of the monsters (this can be for 2/3/4 hero group limits)

  -1 lieutenant


Draw overlord cards per hero/lieutenant/master monster of the other player

  -draw another per hero/lieutenant/master monster kill while the game is going


You must wipe out all of the other players miniatures


Follow overlord/hero rules for Descent,  movement/attacking/playing overlord cards/hero powers


Roll for initiative and make the map

   -switch off players grabbing any map tile and placing them, do this as many times as you want so that each player places the same amount of tiles


Each player starts with their miniatures on ether side of the map


you can mod these rules to your liking I just think that one hero/lieutenant and total health points of the monsters are the things that matter to keep the house rules even


Please leave any feed back as I have not tried these house rules and if anything you think will work better

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