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Minimum XP for Force rating/Dedication, By Specialty

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Healer: FR2 is 90 XP, or 125 with Dedication

Nimian Disciple: FR2 is 130 XP, +60 for Dedication

Sage: FR2 is 70, FR3 is +65


Peacekeeper: FR2 is 120 XP, +45 for Dedication

Protector: FR2 is 75 XP (with Dedication for  just +25)

Sorensu Defender: 95 XP for Dedication


Advisor: FR2 is 95, or 125 with Dedication

Makashi Duelist: 85 XP for Dedication

Seer: 60 XP for FR 2 +90 for FR3, -or- 70 XP for FR2 and +70 for FR3


Ataru Striker: 85 XP for Dedication with Ataru form, or 100 XP with 2 ranks of dodge and no force talents.

Hunter: FR2 for 90 XP, or 125 XP with dedication

Pathfinder: 65 XP for FR2, 100 XP for Dedication. (no overlap)


Artisan: FR2 for 70 XP, Dedication for 95 XP. (no overlap)

Shadow: FR2 for 100 XP, +70 for Dedication.

Shien Expert: 75 XP for Dedication


Aggressor: FR2 is 75 XP, +50 XP for Dedication

Shii-Cho Knight: 100 XP for Dedication

Starfighter Ace: FR2 is 95 XP, +45 for Dedication


Force Sensitive Exile: FR 2 for 95 XP, +25 for Dedication, (universal specialization)

Force Sensitive Emergent: FR 2 for 75 XP, +45 for Dedication (universal specialization)

Recruit: 100 XP for Dedication. (Universal specialization)

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Just because its relavent.

Traditionally, but there are Talents that make use of Force Dice. XP is cheapest path. +XP is cheapest path including upgrades.

1FR = 90XP
Healing Trance (1FD) = +0XP
Healing Trance (2FD) = +15XP

Consular(Niman Disciple)
1FR = 130XP
Draw Closer (xFD) = +5XP

1FR = 70XP
2FR = 135XP
Balance (xFD) = +25XP

1FR = 120XP
Enhanced Leader (xFD) = +15XP

1FR = 75XP
Force Protection (1FD) = +0XP
Force Protection (2FD) = +20XP

Guardian(Soresu Defender) - No FR

1FR = 90XP

Mystic(Makashi Duelist) - No FR

1FR = 60XP
2FR = 140XP

Seeker(Ataru Striker) - No FR

1FR = 90XP
Intuitive Shot (xFD) = +25XP

1FR = 65XP
Animal Empathy (xFD) = +0XP
Mental Bond (1FD) = +5XP
Quick Movement (xFD) = +50XP

1FR = 70XP
Imbue Item (1FD) = +15XP
Intuitive Improvements (xFD) = +25XP

1FR = 100XP

Sentinel(Shien Expert) - No FR

1FR = 75XP
Terrify (xFD) = +15XP
Against All Odds (xFD) +75XP

Warrior(Shii-Cho Knight) - No FR

Warrior(Starfighter Ace)
1FR = 95XP
Intuitive Strike (xFD) = +0XP
Intuitive Evasion (1FD) = +10XP
Intuitive Evasion (2FD) = +65XP

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Unranked Talent List: 

Unranked talents are bought for free if you already hav them in another tree, making accessing anything beyond them easier. This list lincludes the 1) Unranked talents, that are 2) in multiple trees.


Anatomy Lessons: Assasin, Doctor, Medic, Shadow

Armor Master: Gageteer, Comando

Armor Master (improved) Gageteer, Comando

Bacta Specialist: Doctor, Medic

Balance: FSEX, FSEM, Ataru Striker, Sage

Brilliant Evasion: Pilot, Squadron Leader

Crippling Blow: Gageteer, Sharpshooter, Aggressor

Exaust Port: Gunner, Ace Pilot

Familiar Suns: Commodore, Scout

Field Commander: Mercenary Soldier, Squadron Leader, Tactition, Peacekeeper

Field Commander (Improved): Mercenary Soldier, Squadron Leader, Tactition, Peacekeeper

Forager: FSEX, Scout, Survivalist, Medic, Pathfinder, Seer

Full Stop:  Driver, Squadron Leader

Full Throttle: Driver, Pilot, Starfighter Ace.

Full Throttle (Improved): Driver, Pilot

Hard Headed (improved) Mechanic, Saboture

Heightened Awareness: Scout, Protector

Heroic Fortitude: Marauder, Survivalist, Commando, Gunner, Aggressor

Hold Together: Commodore, Mechanic

Insight: FSEX, FSEM

Inspiring Rhedric: Politico, Ambassitor

Inspiring Rhedric improved : Politico, Ambassitor

Inspiring Rhedric supreme : Politico, Ambassitor

Intence Focus: FSEX, Scholar, Quartermaster, Scientist

Intence Presence: Politico, Ambasitor, Makashi Duelist

Jump Up: Assasin, Fringer, Thief, Infiltrator, Recruit, Ataru Striker

Known Schematic: Outlaw Tech, Commodore.

Lets Ride: Pilot, Scout, Squadron Leader,

Master of Shadows: Infiltrator, Shadow

Master Starhopper: Fringer, Commodore

Mental Fortress: Scholar, Slicer, Scientist, Artisan, Shadow.

Natural (-): Imma skip these. :P

Quick Draw: Assasin, FSEX, Scoundrel, Recruit, Tactition, Ataru Striker, Shii-cho Knight

Scathing Tirade (tree): Politico, Agitator

Sence Danger: FSEX, FSEM, Seer

Sence Emotions: FSEX, Advisor, Nimian Disciple.

Sixth Sence: FSEX, Ambassidor, Hunter

Soft Spot: Scoundrel, Survivalist, Infiltrator, Hunter

Spare Clip: Gageteer, Trader, Gunner, Recruit

Steely Nerves: Politico, Trader, Advisor, Peacekeeper

Stim Application (tree): Doctor, Medic

Stroke of Geinus: Scholar, Scientist

Strong Arm: Merc Soldier, Commando

Stunning Blow (tree): Gageteer, Infiltrator.

Superior Reflexes: FSEX, Quartermaster,

Swift: Survivalist, Tactition, Pathfinder.

Targetted blow: Assasin, Merc Soldier, Sharpshooter.

Touch of Fate: FSEX, FSEM, Starfighter Ace.

Tricky Target: Driver, Pilot, Squadron leadrer.

Utility Belt: Outlaw Tech, Scout, Scientist

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Little update to include the new specs:

Arbiter: FR2 is 95 XP, +50 for Dedication

Ascetic: FR2 is 105 XP, +75 for Dedication

Teacher: FR2 is 120 XP, +50 for Dedication


Armorer: FR2 is 130 XP, +65 for Dedication

Warden: FR2 is 100 XP, +25 for Dedication

Warleader: FR2 is 110 XP, +25 for Dedication


Executioner: FR 2 for 95 XP, +25 for Dedication

Hermit: FR 2 for 100 XP, +45 for FR 3

Navigator: FR 2 for 50 XP, +50 for Dedication


Investigator: FR 2 for 120 XP, +45 for Dedication

Racer: FR 2 for 70 XP, +50 for Dedication

Sentry: FR 2 for 120 XP, +50 for Dedication

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