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Rúmil: Question

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My second question of the day already, but since I couldn't find an answer for it I thought it was worth it to ask my question over here.




It is about the response of Rúmil.The first line states "After you play Rúmil from your hand,...". 

I interpreted this that I really needed to play him from my hand, so I pay 4 resources, and I could trigger the response. A friend of me told me I could also use it with "Sneak Attack", which seems strange to me. 


I'll explain why. In "The Escape from Dol Goldur", a party can only play 1 ally per round. But putting allies in play by events such as sneak attack is not limited. So they made a clear difference between playing allies and putting allies into play.

Therefore I assumed with this wording also Rúmil needs to be played in the ordinary way, because the wording explicitely states "After you play Rúmil from your hand,...".


Is this correct? Or should I see this card as. "After Rúmil enters play from your hand, ..."


I hope my question is clear. 


With Galadhrim's Greetings,


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