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organization and Base building mini game

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I've been tinkering with this idea and could really use some input. My players wants to get their own criminal enterprise up and running become independent, and have a secret base.

They found/discovered a moon suitable to this purpose. It’s a small forest/jungle moon with her former luxury resort now destroyed. The base will be built in an area between the Forest and a savannah beside the rubble of the old resort.

From here they will expand their criminal organization. The base building and organization building I will try to turn into some kind of “mini game” not really a game but something to do before and after each session. Instead of spending a session exploring and building a base.



So for the base here is what I’m thinking.

So far I made a rough sketch, a map.


In the middle a building, one already in place an old hangar type thing. It can fit a couple of ships, 3 is my initial thought. The players have a firespray and a smaller fighter so they should fit nicely. The building have enough space for additional storage and for some people.


Around the base is an inner perimeter needing to be explored.

It will have seven “spaces” to explore.



To the far left an outer area called “The Wilds” a more dangerous denser forest jungle area it will have 3 “spaces” to explore.


To the far right is an outer area called “The Lake” it will also have 3 “spaces” to explore. The Lake is not a lake it is a savannah In a uniform yellow colour looking from a far like a golden Lake.


The spaces everywhere will be empty with a check type and difficulty written on them. For the inner perimeter an average perception check. Harder checks for the other areas.

If successful something is revealed some flora or fauna. A nest of (blank), a stream, flowers or trees. Or maybe a pack of dangerous predators. Now the players can use this place.

The before empty space now containing.. Lets say “Pack of hungry Nexxu ##¤ (2difficulty1challenge die)” This means the pack can be hunted or killed / exterminated with a combat skill check. And the pelt sold… I’m gonna come up with a bunch of these but the check on the thing and what it means is of course not set in stone, if the players can come up with something else (undoubtedly they going to come, up with something I never would have guessed) like for example trying to domesticating animals or drive them at some other creature I would of course let them do a survival check instead.

I am just going to come up with whatever they find, and a suggestion.


So the players can explore a space. That space will be replaced by something which can be “mined”. Or they can chose to destroy the unexplored or explored space to make room. room that can be used to expand the base. Building new storage facilities or workshop.


So the players can explore around the base, then choose to keep what they uncover or destroy it to make room for expansion.


this will be done between the heroes adventures so much of the exploration will be done by the companions and associates on the base. 

It´s a small group of players so they have a couple of companions to make up for the lack of PCs.


That is the basic idea of the exploration and base building. I don´t know if it makes sense. 


I especially need ideas for what to find in the flora department.


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Sounds like a fun twist on the homestead rules introduced in Far Horizons.


With those, there are rules for the PCs to establish a homestead centered around an industry such as farming or mining, and rules for how to expand that homestead to take on additional employees and other businesses.

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wow missed those rules completely..

trying to upload my sketch of my map, but can´t seem to upload pictures for some reason.


right now I´m looking through the rules of Age of Rebellion concerning duty (that systems take on obligations) and trying to adapt them to companions and associates in the players criminal organisation. 

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