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Reducing "bits" by creating new character sheet

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So I've just bought into the system and will be starting a campaign soon with my group (4 players plus myself). Despite liking the cards and the board game elements, I feel like there is just too much, especially as my group does not have a big table.

So I am planning on designing a new character sheet with the following design aims:

1. Fits all mechanical information on one sideof A4/Letter

2. Reverse side has character fluff elements (background, family, portrait, etc)

3. Black and white with white entry boxes to be print & pencil friendly

4. Areas for tracking game elements using pencil, rather than "bits"

That said, I will need some help getting advise from experienced GMs & players on which elements could be better tracked on a character sheet.

Easy place to start:

1. Wound cards replaced with box and players simply draw a "critical card" when required

2. Boxes for stress & fatigue, rather than bits

3. Career sheet & ability card completely incorporated onto character sheet

I am also thinking about creating a player game board for keeping on the table, which will be a sheet of paper/card with card sleeves attached, for players to keep their active talents, criticals and chaos effects in.

Thoughts on the above? Anything else I can incorporate to improve?

I've posted this over at the Strike-to-Stun forums as well.

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I created a few character sheets for WFRP3 that have some of these features. You may find them useful, or they may just act as a source of inspiration:






I also found the following very useful for helping players keep their cards organised during a session:



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