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So I may need to put down our Assault Marine...

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Minor update:

We have just completed our mission of stopping the Tyranid threat. This involved crashing our Stormraven into the Hive Tyrant, which luckly killed it's Tyrant Guard, and then we finished it off with grenades and Hellfire rounds, and a trusty Hellfire flamer. And since we're only rank 1, this was a big achievement for us. Though it did kill the Grey Knight and the pilot. (It's ok. The pilot was our red shirt. He didnt have a name.)


We ended the session with us standing victorious and the Imperial Guard proceeding to mop up any surviving nids. So next session we will be heading back to our watch station for a debrief.

-On the way back I plan to have a quiet word with our Apothocary and ask him to have a full work up done on all our kill team. I'll get him to say it is because of potential xenos contamination from the nids, when in actuality, i'll get him to check for corruption.

-I'll then go speak to the Chaplain and get him to interview each brother looking for any mental corruption. Since we came under mental attack from the Hive Tyrant, he can use this as the excuse for doing it.

-I'll then speak to the watch captain to see if there's any special missions that any of the kill team are on.

-And then if needs be, i'll have the assassin follow any of the brothers around who I suspect of potential heresy, and go through their room to check for clues. I'll make sure to occupy the brother in question by challenging them in the practice cages. And have the assassin cover his tracks by tasking a servitor to clean the brothers room so that if anything is out of place, there is a legitimate excuse for it.


So, any other suggestions to add to that plan? I havent really included any ways to kill him yet. I figure that I need more evidence before I go that far. But if it comes to ambushing him in the bowels of the ship, i'll make sure I have the assassin with me as a contingency. The more I think about it, if I do decide to shoot him myself, I reckon i'll do a fair bit of damage. My gun scope adds my perception bonus to my weapon penetration. So with normal rounds, I have a pen of 8. Or 12 if i'm using Kraken rounds, so his armour isnt really going to help him much.


So stay tuned till next wednesday!


So you're a Raptor eh? You should have... a sniping accident. Are there ever instances of Space Marine friendly fire?

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So it turns out that he has also had a "vision from the Emperor." I've sent the apoth to take gene seed samples, but the results havn't come back from the lab yet. (Life has gotten in the way of us having a gaming session for almost 2 months.)

It looks like I may not need to kill him. Which is strangely dissapointing.


And we have had at least one friendly fire incident. We were assaulting an Ork camp in our first mission. They had a big wooden door that we needed to make a hole in. I told everyone to fall back and asked the Librarian to use Smite on it. For some reason the apothocary decided not to listen, and he got caught up in the Smite. He was ok though. (He died later on from excessive lasgun exposure.)

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