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Horse Breeder/ Galadrim Minstrel and "search"

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The Westfold Horse Breeder and Galadrim Minstrel both say 'Search the top X cards of your deck for a Y and add it to your hand.'

What is meant by this exactly?   Do I flip cards until I find a card matching the specified type and add it to my hand, or do I look at X number of cards and choose a card of the specified type and add it to my hand?  


For example, I play Westfold Horse Breeder and flip 8 non-mount cards, the 9th card is Steed of the Mark, and the 10th card is Rohan Warhorse.    Can I choose to take Rohan Warhorse, or would I automatically get Steed of the Mark?   


Similarly for Galadrim Minstrel, I often find myself with multiple event cards on the top 5 cards of my deck.  Do I choose which one I want or do I have to take the first one?

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