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Warcraft/WoW LCG?

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I see FFG has quite a few different licenses for their unique LCG format, love it by the way.  It was an amazing idea to remove the random element that burns money when buying booster packs/boxes.  Give the players what they need so they can focus on more important aspects like deck building.


I started a topic on the Blizzard forums regarding this, it was met with both sides in favor and not.  Of course this is an online forum so mostly the response from their community was negative but I think that is only due to ignorance.  Most people that posted were TCG/CCG players so they have no idea what an LCG involves (even though I linked all the pertinent information...sigh).


Recently I've been collecting the LoTR: The Card Game sets.  I have to start off by saying, excellent art direction and fun game mechanics have made this one of my favorite card games.  That being said I would drop that game in an instant for a World of Warcraft/Warcraft LCG.  All the components are already in place, heroes, villians, spells, their universe already has the inventory necessary to create an LCG.  The missing component is FFG getting them to license it out.


Here is my post on the Blizzard forums:

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