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Want Blood Angels Veterans

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all cards are only for trade. Not sell. Thanks.

I have:

- AGOT Fan Cards French National 2014 (french)
- AGOT Beric Donarion "Alternate" (french)
- AGOT Mélisandre "Alternate" (french)
- AGOT Daenarys "Alternate" (french)
- AGOT Ser Davos Seaworth "Alternate" (french)
- AGOT Valar Morghulis "Alternate" (french)
- AGOT Wildfire Assault "Alternate" (french)
- AGOT Mance Rayder "Alternate" (french)
- AGOT Betrayal at the Wall "Alternate" (french)
- AGOT Castellan of the Rock "Alternate" (english)
- SW Jedi Lightsaber "Aurebesh" (english)
- SW Red Five "Aurebesh" (french)
- SW Yoda "Alternate" National (french)
- SW Han Solo "Alternate" (english)
- SW Lighting storm "Alternate" (english)
- SW TIe Bomber "Aurbesh" (english

I want:

- AGOT Summoning Season
- AGOT Building Season
- SW Yoda Alternate National
- SW Jedi Mind Tricks "Aurebesh"
- WH40KC Blood Angels Veterans


All cards are mint and never played.

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