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Hello guys,


I really have issues with said power, as it tries to merge two former powers, but does so in a bad way.


1.) Thought sending: with the new power, the test is to hard (was formerly +40!) and has a much too short range (PR*20m ??? It was PR*1km before). This, connected with the fact, that you cannot sustain it, but only send a short message, really makes its use very limited.


Suggestion: if the test has a volunteer target, give it +20; make its range 1km*PR



2.) Thought reading goes too fast and has a too far range. This can be a killer for investigative play...


Suggestion: Reveal information levels as in previous mind probe over several rounds while sustaining the power (1 per PR); shorten the range for this use on 1m*PR with a -20 on the test if the target should not be aware of being read


What do you think about this power and how could it be improved ?


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I had the same thoughts when I saw this psychic power, a poor mix of what used to be two powers.


I think the description works fine for sending thoughts into another mind or reading what is on their mind right now.


The old usages is something I would put in as a house rule eventually, once I have seen how the raw plays out, and the house rule could be something like:

- For prepared targets (like your acolytes friends) I would allow thought sending up to 1km*PR.

- For mind probing I would require touch and the target will likely go insane.

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