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Rules to implement in 2nd edition

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Hi, I am an up-and-coming game designer, and I came up with some rules that might work as a further supplement for the game, not so much a 2nd edition, but an add-on to the expansion.


1) Nuke does Collateral Damage, and THREE Splash Damage, not just 2, and has Detector. The cost of Nuke is now 2m2g.


2) Terran Ghosts have a new Technology Card, called Ocular Implants, which upon research, enters your play area, and allows any casualties inflicted by the Ghost as a Frontline Unit, to be chosen by the controlling player. In addition, Frontline Ghosts gain +1 Attack. The cost of Ocular Implants is 1m1g.


3) Arbiter's Recall transports up to the maximum number of units allowable by the unit limit in the area controlled by the Arbiter, from the selected planet to the active planet.


4) The information of the Arbiter on the Faction sheet should put +1 Support, together with Assist.


5) Infested Terrans do Ground Splash Damage and have Burrow.


6) Cloaking works by allowing both enemy and friendly units to occupy the same contested area, without battling, as long as all units on both sides of the battle have Cloaking and no Detection. If that isn't the case, the side that has less units Cloaked are forced to Withdraw.


7) Spawn Broodlings actually produces 2 little Broodlings, that can be controlled, takes up none of the unit limit in an area, and always uses the minor values of any Combat Card. Their Support value is 0.


8) Archons should do +2 Support, instead of +1.


9) Zergs in the computer game have the most Detectors available. It isn't reasonable that in the board game, it is not replicated in a similar way. Overlords have a new Technology Card that goes into the play area, called Antennae, in which an Overlord grants Detection to a single skirmish, when attacking an area with Cloaked enemy units, but however is lost and destroyed if the battle is unsuccessful and control of the area is lost, if any enemy in that particular skirmish can attack air. This means that the attacker may not Retreat back into the planet the Overlord originally transported from. The cost of Antennae is 1m.


10) Stimpacks should offer Ground Splash Damage against Marines, Zealots and Zerglings, if the Frontline unit is a Firebat.

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I have my reasons why:


Firstly, for 1), if the Nuke does only 2 Splash Damage, it is no different from an attacker destroying an enemy and triggering a Splash Damage. In both cases, 2 casualties are suffered or inflicted.


It is also obvious as to why Nuke should inflict Collateral Damage, and be able to strike Cloaked units. All of this makes the Nuke worthwhile, for its exorbitant cost.


For 2), Ocular Implants, this new Tech Card allows the Ghost to become a veritable sniper. For Nuke, it is able to choose which 3 enemy units do the Splash Damages destroy. This Technology allows the Ghost to be useful as a Frontline Combat unit, so that the Ghost isn't all about delivering the Nuke, and have some use as a Combat unit.


For 3), Arbiter's Recall as it currently stands is the most useless Technology Card, with very little use, except to transport units from across the game board. By allowing the transportation of as many units as possible, for that area's unit limit, it at least mitigates the lack of practical uses of Recall.


For 4), this one is interesting, for not only is the Arbiter an Assist unit, it provides a +1 Support value as a Supporting unit in a skirmish. Of course, there are no Arbiter Combat Cards, so the Arbiter can only ever provide +1 Support as a Supporting unit.


For 5), Infested Terrans should do Ground Splash Damage, it makes them worth the effort of getting, since it is troublesome enough to get them already. I feel Burrow should be usable with Infested Terran, perhaps to keep them alive, until the appropriate Combat Card is available.


For 6), Cloaking, I am not sure what I have proposed is a good idea.


For 7), I think this adds some flavour to the game, and it is far from being overpowered.


For 8), I know and understand that Archons have been nerfed, but their costs have increased, and +1 Support isn't really that significant a change, since you will be wanting your Archons in the Frontlines, to better exploit their Splash.


For 9), the new Overlord Technology Card, Antennae, allows the Overlord to become a Detector for one skirmish in the battle. This makes sense, since the Zerg is very much in need of Detectors, and having an easily accessible way at a price, solves this problem.


For 10), this gives even greater reason to get Firebats, which is very good for making a relatively useless unit, worth getting. Furthermore, it makes sense that when stimmed, the Firebat will be able to do more damage.

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