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How Roark Became an Ace

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Decided to put together a couple semi-random squads and ended up with 3 v 3.


Chewbacce + Luke in the Falcon with Draw their Fire

Roark with an Ion Cannon

Tarn with an R7




Krassis with a Heavy Cannon and Recon Specialist

Yorr with an Engine

Lorrir with a Hull Upgrade



Asteroids were in a sort of zig-zag, roughly from corner to opposite corner. Lorrir flanked while the Rebel formation and the other Imperials set up more or less facing off.


On the second turn, the main groups got into combat, with Tarn rushing forward to try to block and failing. Lorrir managed a pot-shot from behind an asteroid. Chewie and Krassis both took a bunch of damage.


Then Tarn K-turned behind the enemy, figuring he'd at least pick up a Target Lock to use with R7 on whoever shot at him. He took a shot at Krassis, who also shot Chewie again. Lorrir began weaving in and out of combat, getting lucky against Chewie and Luke's turret. Roark plinked the first Ion onto the Shuttle.


Yorr set up a stressless K-turn in the corner for Krassis, who was able to lob a shot at Tarn. Meanwhile, Chewie kept trying to get Lorrir, and Roark forced Yorr out of the action for a bit on the next turn with a well-placed second Ion.


Damaged Tarn picked a fight with wounded Krassis and lost horribly. But Chewie was able to get Lorrir down to one Hull (thanks, Upgrade!) and Roark finished him off with his own turret (thanks anyway, Upgrade :().


Krassis and Yorr maneuvered into close range with Chewie, who shot at Krassis, down to two Hull, first...only to roll a single hit and Krassis didn't evade to trigger Luke! Krassis gets a shot, bringing Chewie down to three Hull. Then Roark gets his second kill!


Now it's a Shuttle, 5 Hull, against HWK and YT with the same combined. Yorr really only has one last shot, though, before he gets outmaneuvered by the turrets. He brings Roark down to one Hull, but can't finish the job. Chewie does the same to Yorr. Only to have Roark get his third kill!


Fun, close game, and hilarious to watch an Ion Turret kill three ships!

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(thanks, Upgrade!) (thanks anyway, Upgrade  :() is hilarious.

I love Ions. Damages the ship, disrupts movement, and get inside people's heads.

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