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I wonder if anybody here has any good scenarios.

With this I meaning if you have any fun combinations where you pcik 4 or 5 given alienpowers that combine into a nice scenario.

Maybe you even decide wich additional flares you should ad, and maybe even wich techs.


Perhaps a nice guy theme:

Observer, Fido, Healer, Philantropist and Remora.

Or a bad guy theme:

Void, Hate, Vacuum, Cudgel and Barbarian

This would creat two very differetn games.

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I had an epic game with the following combo:

Kamikaze, Philanthropist, Remora, Vacuum, Virus;

You can check a lot of combos in Cosmic Encounter Online, but they are all conceived for 4 players’ games.

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There's a lot of great combos at CE Online, but, yes, they are all for exactly players.

I've lost count, but there's got to be something like 70 or so combos available. Some are better than others, for sure, but the best of the bunch are very intriguing and well worth playing. 

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Yes, i have seen these combos, like you said some are nice and some arent.

Only problem is that they are made for four players, and some aliens doesnt exeist in FFG, plus youre missing out on a few there.

So I made some combos I would like to play.

If anyone has anyothers plaese post them. It would be fun to see, and maybe play.

Nice guy meeting
Observer, fido, healer, philanthropist and remora
Bad guy fight
Barbarian, vacuum, hate, grudge and void
Support or undermine warpish?
Cudgel, observer, vacuum, healer and warpish
Knowing is half the battle
Hacker, oracle, trader, mind and philanthropist
Defensive game
Macron, warrior, amoeba, tick-tock and citadel
Kill the deck
Miser, mutant, fido, kamikaze and remora
Useless fighters
Hacker, Vulch, will, healer and masochist
Heavy-weight championship
Chosen, pacifist, tripler, virus and warpish
Guess what?
Loser, sorcerer, calculator, fodder and mirror
no ship battle?
Cudgel, vacuum, kamikaze, shadow and void
an alternate win
parasite, spiff, mite, tick-tock and masochist

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