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Michiel's Let's Discuss: 'Dutch' Vander #10

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Hello again X-wing fans!


I think it's time for the Y-wing, no? This week we take a look at the incredible 'Dutch' Vander, throwing around target locks and boosting with the amazing R7-T1. This astromech made the Y-wing a real force to reckon with.


I'm coming up on 400 subs, btw - wow! Thanks again for the sharing of my video's, it really helps so keep it up!




Link to video:


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When I run rebels I find it incredibly hard not to make dutch with R7-T1 and an ion cannon my first pick every time.
Gives out tasty buffs and has board control and has a chance to either close or arc dodge? Yes please!

He works well with ships that want to spend their actions on maneuvers or focusing (lets say A-wings here) which is what I really like running so he fits well and does so much.

I'm considering this list at the moment-


 "Dutch" Vander , R7-T1, Ion Cannon Turret 

Jake Farrell , A-Wing Test Pilot, Chardaan Refit , Outmaneuver , Push the Limit
Corran Horn, R2 Astromech , Fire-Control System , Marksmanship
just see see how much I can get out of the 'vander buff' build.

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Dutch is a solid force multiplier and if equipped with an Ion Cannon turret (why would you take anything else?), a good board controller. If you are considering taking a Y-wing with an ICT, you should always consider if you can squeeze in Dutch for a few points extra.

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